Travel Filmmaking

CURRAN FERREY, FILMMAKER: I’ve always thought that traveling and filmmaking go hand in hand; I guess that’s because when you embark on a new adventure, you encounter experiences outside of your comfort zone which urge you to admire the world in a whole new light.

IMG_1761When traveling, you pick up on certain details and idiosyncrasies that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. Then, when you add a camera to the mix and look to capture certain stories, your shooting habits almost always reflect that new and fresh perspective you’ve embraced.

For me, it´s this constant fuel of inspiration that motivates my work.  That´s what I believe is so special about travel filmmaking: It’s a perfect balance of craft and experience.


Working and shooting in China was quite the experience. To arrive with so many uncertainties and all the “what ifs” that come with production in a foreign country and then be welcomed in so warmly by the locals was a deeply moving experience. That sort of reception and instantaneous foundation of trust and compassion between yourself as a filmmaker and the locals with whom you’re living with certainly makes a lasting impression. It rubs off you  and in the end, you wind up with a film that reflects and embodies that same positivity and compassion.

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