Day 21 // Miles 3,620

CURRAN FERREY continues his photographic escapade across the United States.

Day 6 // Forgot the Cliff Bars in the car.


Day 7 // Miles 2,241 Feeling sufficiently magical along the Enchanted Highway (upon good recommendation 😉).


Day 8 // Miles 3,035 Canola farms make for a great night’s sleep. This was definitely a first.


Day 9 // Miles 3,309 Montana family is good family. Trading in life on the road for a day on the lake.


Day 10 // Miles 3,309 Beats sleeping in the car nine days out of ten.
Day 11 // New friends and old. It’s good to be back in Whitefish.
Day 12 // Miles 3,484 Dustin grabs some airtime on a beautiful Montana afternoon.


Day 13 // Miles 3,484 Not taken today, but my perfect dive form makes up for it.


Day 14 // Been laying low a couple days. Another rainy bison moment from last week.
Day 14 // Been laying low a couple days. Another rainy bison moment from last week.


Day 15 // Feeling so small never felt so good.


Day 16 // Cheers to my wonderful host out here in Montana this week. He’s not as mean as he looks.


Day 17
Day 17


Day 18 // Miles 3,540 Two years ago tomorrow we visited this same waterfall tucked up in the forest for the first time. The shower today was a bit more frigid than I remember.


Day 19 // Miles 3,620 Only smiles at 9000 feet!


IMG_1538 (1)
Day 20 // A little Milky Way action from a late night in the park.


Day 21
Day 21
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