Day 36 // 5,406 Miles



Day 22 // Miles 3,800
They tried to tell me I wouldn’t make it all the way across the lake…turns out they were right. The mid-lake nap was certainly worth it though.


Day 23 // 3,800 Miles

Our attempted summit photo from a few days back. Route was a success, celebratory picture, not so much. Tomorrow we cross the border towards Jumbo!


Day 24 // Miles 4,072
First time in BC. Jumbo was wild!


Day 25 // 4,072 Miles
They say Jumbo Valley is a sacred place – where the grizzly spirit comes to dance. I’ll admit, it’s pretty hard to deny that magic when you wake up to this.


Day 26 // 4,072 Miles


Day 27 // Miles 4,547
Finally back on the road after a two week pitstop in Montana. It was real tough saying those goodbyes this morning (I may have cried just a couple tears) but there’s no better cure than the open road.


28 Days // 5,000 Miles

Only took me 28 days and 5000 miles to reach the coast! It’s as gray as I’d imagined and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Day 29 // 5,000 Miles
Some empty pages and wild coastline to keep me sane.


Day 30 // 5,000 Miles
There’s a waterfall up there somewhere.


Day 31 // Miles 5,266


Day 32 // Miles 5,406
Having a day off and mooching coffee shop wifi before Rainier tomorrow, so here’s a moment from a few days ago in Olympic. My first Pacific sunset.


Day 33 // 5,406 Miles
We spotted a pretty substantial fire that night. It wasn’t in the forest though.


Day 34 // 5,406 Miles
Mt Adams was the last thing lit for as far as the eye could see. I could’ve sworn the sun had set hours ago


Day 35 // 5,406
A friendly good morning sunrise from Mount Rainier.


Day 36 // 5,406 Miles
Honestly can’t remember whether this was morning or evening. Don’t really think that’s the point though.

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