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Nate Menninger

Nate Menninger has devoted his entire life to extreme adventuring. After playing lacrosse at The University of Virginia, where he studied Spanish and Philosophy, Menninger made his dream a full-time reality. From backpacking through South America to swearing to noble silence in a Buddhist Monastery and high-altitude ice climbing in the Himalaya, Nate seeks to inspire exploration. To urge those around him to pursue their most passionate dreams. And to push humanity forward, together as one. 

Menninger has been featured on top-rated travel podcasts Extra Pack of Peanuts and As Told By Nomads. He has published work in a variety of outdoor publications and currently works as a screenwriter and novelist. 

To better connect with locals, Menninger has become fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Nepali and proficient in French and Arabic. And if you’re wondering, no, there is no place he won’t lead you. Ask for yourself!

Xavi Palet Bustillo

Xavi Bustillo, from Barcelona, was just 19 years old when he set out on his first ever solo trip around the world. From Thailand to Cambodia, he explored Southeast Asia and organized the whole trip himself. He raced motorcycles alongside a moving train, got a tradition tattoo in the back-alleys of Bangkok and scuba dived in Koh Phangan. Surely, there is no adventure too big.

At 20 years old, Xavi left for Nepal. Alone. Again. But this time, with a mission. After hiking to Everest Base Camp alone and in just 9 days, Xavi retreated to the city where he met with Nepali school children for an opportunity to learn from them and later share some valuable resources with the kids.

To make him even cooler, Xavi studies economy and practices Jiu Jitsu in his free time. But there’s no doubt about it. He’s an adventurer through and through. Just ask him for yourself!

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