These quotes are taken from prior trips lead by Nate Menninger. Name’s have been left out to ensure anonymity. Trust me, they’re real. 

“Sam really enjoyed his leaders. He had no complaints. They both seemed very knowledgeable and likeable.”

“I think the program exceeded our expectations.  It was a life altering experience, a real highlight for her.”

“Phenomenal program!  Jada and Nate did an exceptional job inspiring, engaging  and leading this group of great kids.”

“The leaders appeared to be awesome – inspirational, fun, disciplined when needed and permissive when needed, they inspired confidence – Sarah was effusive about [her leaders]”

“Haley said she had several conversations with Nate about her future plans and he really helped to to realize what was more important to her overall life goals.”

“Jess got very close to her leaders this year.  From what I can tell from conversations, really interesting smart leaders who have lived life and able to provide perspective.”

“Our leaders were perfect. They were pretty different from each other but this led to a really good dynamic and a perfect balance of responsibility and fun. Nate was one of the most impactful people I have ever come across. He offered more freedom and fun….He was very light and funny, but also capable of being serious and talking with us about very real issues. He was full of amazing stories and I think every one of us loved talking to him about his life.”

“My leaders were supportive, caring people with big hearts. I shared so many lives, and like my fellow participants, my leaders are my new friends. They are a major reason this trip was as amazing as it was!”

“I was in the ER 3 times and I still had an amazing time, so thats saying something about how wonderful this trip was.”

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